Sunday, 2 October 2016

More Colouring and an Update

Hi peeps,

once again I find myself apologising at the lack of time I have spent over here.  Real life has been keeping me pretty busy.   Hubby and I have had family and friends visiting in quick succession, so time online has also been limited - not that I am complaining, it is always lovely to see everyone and spend some quality time catching up and having fun, but it does mean that I cannot get online or create as much as I would like.   

A few months ago, I managed to do something to my ulna nerve in my left arm.  That meant I had to take a back seat from typing so much on the computer or creating anything in PSP.  It was totally my own fault - I was sat making tags for almost two days strait in a group I am a member of - Creative Misfits.  I loved making the tags and taking part in all the contests over there at the time, but I did not enjoy the pain and discomfort afterwards - it has only now started to feel "normal" again.  Occasionally it aches, but nothing as bad as it was a few months ago.

I recently took part in a production/installation at the Winter Gardens here in Blackpool called "Absent" in August and September.  It was lots of fun to be a part of the day for filming and I met a lot of really lovely people being part of the front of house team.  It was also nice to dust of my acting hat again and be a part of the magic of theatre - it was scary to realise I hadn't done anything theatre-based for around twenty years!

August and September also saw me finally begin my colouring/art course at Kit and Clowder.  The owner, Alyce, is getting married at the end of this month (October) and invited us all to colour and send some roses to be included in her wedding (not sure yet how, but she will be letting us know after her special day).  She wrote/filmed a wonderful free class to explain how to do this, and these are how mine turned out :

They are coloured in her wedding colour scheme.  I was pretty pleased with how they came out and I cannot wait to see how she will be using all of our roses for her special day.

I also finished another of the free classes from Kit and Clowder last month, the Markers 101.  This is a great introduction for anybody wishing to learn how to colour using alcohol markers.  It definitely helped me overcome some nerves I had about beginning the Skin and Hair class I have had sat there for almost two years that I will be beginning shortly.   Here are the results of the class.  I'm pretty happy with how they came out and had some lovely feedback from Alyce.

As if things weren't busy enough, I'm taking the monthly Create and Learn classes for both Markers and Pencils too, again from Kit and Clowder.  This is still a work in progress as I only began yesterday, but I am loving the challenge of this larger image to colour, although a tiny bit nervous about the background.  We shall see how this turns out.  Alyce's tutorial is fantastic and guides you step by step, as with all her classes, so hopefully it will work out alright in the end.  I will keep peeps posted :)

I do promise that I will try and keep this blog updated more often, and I am going to try my best to get some freebies for you as soon as I can.  If anybody has any suggestions about themes/colours etc. they would like to see in a scrap kit, please leave me a note in the comments below and I will try and work with your ideas.  That way I know what peeps would like to see over here :)

Until next time, thank you to everyone again for your continued support and I WILL be back soon with some more bits and pieces.  Until then, take care *huggs*


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