Friday, 29 January 2016


Hi peeps, 

Who is this you say?  Do we know you?   Yes, it's me, I figured it was about time that I got myself back over here and kept things updated more regularly.  Once again, thank you to everyone who is still following me, and for all those who are new, thank you for supporting my page.   Recently, my Facebook page reached 500 followers!!!  That is amazing and I cannot thank you enough.  It brought a huge smile and I hope you enjoy and continue to enjoy your time on this journey with me.

This year I am back in school (technically).  As you may know from previous posts, I craft and make cards etc.   Well, as such I decided it was time for me to finally learn how to do certain areas of crafting properly, in this case colouring images (stamps).  I am enrolled in the first of a series of classes by a wonderful Australian lady called Alyce Keegan.  She is the director/owner of a company called  Kit and Clowder where I am to be taking these classes and I cannot thank her or praise her highly enough.   She is the sweetest and most dedicated lady I think I have ever met.   I have just begun my journey on her Skin and Hair class, but I tell you that I cannot wait to do more.  When starting you are encouraged to do a "Before" image so that when you complete the class you have a reference point for your progress.   This is mine, which I coloured a couple of weeks ago.  The image is called "Alyce and Lila Bear" by the wonderful artist Yampuff.  She has lots of lineart in her gallery which she kindly allows us to colour for personal use, however the image here is one that was commissioned by someone and then kindly donated to the Kit and Clowder Facebook group by that lady for a competition that was running up until yesterday.   I coloured this using Spectrum Noir pens and had lots of fun, although I do really need to work a LOT on my shading and light source skills, which I hope will improve dramatically after I have been doing the class for longer and practised some more :)

I have to mention that the content and detail included in the classes is outstanding, not only the written word but also the video tutorials Alyce provides.  Whether you are a beginner or advanced, there is something for everyone.  In case you would like to check them out for yourselves, I have linked them below for you, as well as the Facebook group.  I have been a member there for a while now, and the people are really lovely and supportive.

 Kit and Clowder Store

 Kit and Clowder Facebook Group

Until next time, have fun peeps and I will be back soon.  Until then, take care *huggs*

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