Monday, 29 April 2013

Hi peeps,

It has been a sad time here for the past couple of weeks.  My partners Step-Mom passed away on the 16th April after loosing her year-long battle with lung cancer.  We were out of town last Friday for her funeral, and then to top things off, we got stuck in traffic coming home, so it made what was already to be a long day even longer *sigh*  I haven't really been in the mood for PSP, so I took a few days off from the design world.  She was a lovely lady, and she will be sorely missed by so many people.  Rest in peace Karen Cotton.

She wouldn't have wanted us to mope around though, so now Monday is here, the sun is shining.  The trees are beginning to bud again and I am back to try and share some new stuff with you all.

I'd like to take this chance here to also say a big thank you to everybody who has liked my page on Facebook, and to those who are following the blog.  It is lovely to have you and I hope that you enjoy what I share.  If anybody has any suggestions about what they may like to see, themes, colour palettes for kits etc....please don't hesitate to drop me a line and if I am able to, I will see what I can do to follow through on those suggestions.

Okie dokie, with all that said, I do have some new stuff to share, which I will post in a moment.  A couple of new templates, and two new tuts which I hope you'll enjoy.  As always, I would love to see any taggs peeps make.  Please don't be shy, I promise I don't  You're very welcome to send me an email so I can see and also share them here for others to see.

Take care and I hope one and all have a blessed week  *huggs*

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