Friday, 29 March 2013

Hi peeps :)

First of all, may I take this chance to wish everyone who celebrates a safe and happy Easter!  Wherever you are and whatever you may be doing I hope it is a good one....and don't eat too many choccy eggs (yeah, like I would even be able to stick to that

Anyways, I made this tonight.  Not sure yet if I will tut it.  But it is available for request over at the Facebook Group "K.I.T. Snaggables & Requests"   This is a drama-free zone where peeps can hang out, snag snaggables and request tags using the art of Arthur Crowe, Ismael Rac, Roman Zaric and Tony T.  You are more than welcome to join!

For now, here is the tag.  It's a three-piece Forum Set and it is made using Arthur Crowe's new April Desktop Calendar girl.  The tube comes as muti-layered *AND* you get a cool desktop to go with it!   It's available now over in his store.

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