Friday, 18 January 2013

Mask & Template Freebies :)

Hi peeps, 

it is a freezing cold and snowy day here in Blackpool....and that is a miracle for here as it very rarely snows!  We have been very lucky though as other parts of the UK have been hit very badly by this cold snap.  If you have been affected, please take very good care and stay safe and warm.

With it being so cold of late, it has given lots of time to play in PSP, so here's another couple of freebies for ya's.  Hope you enjoy!  As ever, if anybody uses these I would love to see any tags so I can share them over here on my blog and on my Facebook page :)  You are more than welcome to drop me a line at the address on my contact page.  Thanks!

Download HERE

Download HERE

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for these lovely masks from December Girl (in Britsynin Forum)