Thursday, 31 May 2012

"Cherryberrylicious" - PTU Tutorial

This tutorial was written on Thursday, May 31st 2012 by Mystery Designs. It was written in PSP X2 and assumes a good, working knowledge of the program. Any similarity to other tutorials is purely coincidental and not done intentionally. Please do not copy or claim the tutorial as your own. If you wish to do so, please link to my blog should groups or forums use it in challenges, and please leave me a comment with a link to where it is being used. Thanks :)

**Supplies Needed**

Tube of choice. I'm using a tube by one of my favourite artists, Ismael Rac,  which you can purchase here

Scrapkit of choice. I'm using a gorgeous summery kit by Stef of Stef's Scrapkits called "Berry Cherry" which you can purchase here

Mask of choice. I'm using a freebie by zuzzanna (mask 07) which you can collect here

Cluster Frame made by me using Stef's gorgeous kit which you can collect here.  If you choose to download, please also stop by Stef's blog and leave her some love.  Thanks!

Font of choice

Please take a moment to leave some love when you download from these wonderful designers <3 Thanks x



Ready? Lets begin.....

Open up your tube
Press shift+d to duplicate
Close the original

Open up a new image – 800 x 800 pixels

This may seem a little large, but we can always resize later on :)

Open up the cluster frame

Copy – Paste – As New Layer and rename “Frame

Grab your Freehand Selection Tool with these settings :

Carefully draw around the center of the frame like so :

Highlight your “Raster 1” layer and rename “Background

Open up “pap10_BerryCherry_Stef'sScrapkits

Copy – Paste – Into Selection

Selections – None

Layers – New Raster Layer – Rename “Mask

Layers – Arrange – Move Down

Selections – Select All

Grab “pap10_BerryCherry_Stef'sScrapkits” again

Copy – Paste – Into Selection

Selections – None

Layers – Load/Save Mask – Load From Disk

Choose “zuzzanna_mask07” with the following settings :

Highlight your “Frame” layer

Copy – Paste your tube As New Layer and rename “Tube 1

Layers – Duplicate and rename “Tube 2

Layers – Arrange – Move Down

Layers – Arrange – Move Down

Your “Tube 2” layer should now be below your “Frame” layer

Highlight your “Tube1” layer

Grab your Eraser Tool and carefully remove any overlap of your tube on the bottom of the cluster frame

Highlight your “Tube 2” layer

Add a drop shadow

Highlight your “Frame” layer

Add a drop shadow

**If you would like to resize your tag, now is the time to do so**

Add your name and all copyrights.
Save your finished tag and you’re done!

Here is another example using a different tube :)


Puri Requena said...

muy lindo, gracias por compartir

Puri Requena said...

Gracias por compartirlo, aqui mi trabajo, enlace a mi blog

♥Mystery Designs♥ said...

It is beautiful Puri, many thanks for using the cluster frame :)